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Tempe OfficePremier Semiconductor is the #1 choice for on-shore electrical test, wafer probe, Pb-free conversion and other back-end needs. Our business model is to provide a cost effective and quality driven "One-Stop-Shop" in the US. Premier Semiconductor's founders were able to build on their extensive industry experience to create an extremely diverse operation, unequaled here in the US and with considerable capacity offerings.


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Our services fit at the back-end of IC manufacturing following assembly and at the front-end of board assembly prior to board stuffing. Premier Semiconductor services the test and back-end needs of IC components manufacturers, distributors, contract manufacturing houses, and OEM's. Our support extends to commercial, automotive, military, aerospace, medical, and industrial market segments.

Premier Semiconductor's mission is to continually strive for excellence in serving our customers needs while fostering a stable, innovative and team oriented environment for all employees while maintaining the virtues of honesty, integrity and ethics.


Premier Semiconductor's east-coast facility can provide quick-turn services for strategic east-coast accounts. This facility offers a variety of counterfeit detection services such as: functional electrical testing, decapsulation, XRF testing, solderability, and advanced visual inspection. Other standard services such as scan, tape & reel, bake, lead conditioning, axial and programming are also done in this facility to shorten cycle times for local customers.

Consider your direct and indirect costs like personnel, capital equipment and facilities; or time and expense consumed qualifying and managing off-shore solutions. With Premier Semiconductor as your outsource partner, you minimize these costs since the infrastructure and investment are already in place, along with state-of-the-art equipment, an ISO9001:2008 certified quality system, multiple domestic locations for fast turn-around times, and trained and experienced personnel to get the job done right.

Premier Semiconductor will help you effectively manage the ups and downs of product demand. From day to day, your product flow may vary significantly. If you are always ready for the maximum capacity, then what do you do with those resources in the slower times? Under-utilized, in-house, back-end capacity ties up valuable financial resources for floor space, facilities, equipment and personnel. At Premier Semiconductor, we absorb the risks and costs of variable product demand. You only pay for services and capacity that you use. We are experts in meeting your time-critical back-end needs in this rapidly changing industry.

Premier Semiconductor can help you limit in-house expenses. With increasing changes in semiconductor technology, continually upgrading and maintaining equipment to the latest standards is expensive. In an industry where capital equipment can become obsolete very quickly, does it make sense to use your financial resources when Premier already has all these capabilities available to work for you? Premier Semiconductor is able to spread the cost of capital equipment over multiple customers, thus lowering your financial expense to perform these services. Premier Semiconductor also allows you to save on indirect costs by providing the other necessary resources as you need them. Partnering with Premier Semiconductor for your back-end requirements is your solution to the constant pressure to reduce costs in the industry today.

Discover what our other customers already know. When you outsource your requirements to Premier Semiconductor, you cut costs, increase your capacity, and improve product cycle time.