Programming Services
IC programming equipment  

Premier Semiconductor's comprehensive IC programming services support virtually all package outlines and product types including Microcontrollers, Flash, EEPROMs, PLDs, OTPs, CPLDs and FPGAs. Programming platforms include but are not limited to BP Microsystems and Data I/O. Our equipment includes automated tube-to-tube and tray-to-tray handling along with customized IC labeling, ink dot, ink and laser marking.

Premier Semiconductor's 3D lead inspection and lead straightening capabilities guarantee accurate placement of your programmed devices onto circuit boards.


To ensure 24-hour cycle time for First Article items and quick turnaround for prototype orders, Premier Semiconductor utilizes an electronic data file transfer process. To get your product to market faster, turn to Premier Semiconductor for your material management and procurement needs.

Our experts search inventory availability of programmable devices on your bill-of-material, purchase parts, create first article samples, maintain inventory levels and release orders per your JIT production schedule; all as an added Premier Semiconductor advantage to save you money and provide extra convenience, support and flexibility.


  IC Programming of memory and logic devices such as PLD,CPLD, microcontroller,
  FPGA, PROM, EPROM and Flash
  Full support of virtually all package types, including, but not limited to: BGA, DIP,
  Support for all major semiconductor manufacturers
  Automated tape and reel capabilities for all surface mounted devices

Full dry pack capabilities to support moisture sensitive products